Black Friday Weekend Sale

November 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Port Seraphine has a huge sale for Black Friday! Now is the perfect time to come over and oggle at the new build while enjoying the rush of buying all the things! (And stuff.)

The Muses, Pale Empress, Volstead, Geometry, House of Rain, Beautiful Freak and GALLACTIC have selected items for sale at deep discount. All the sale items will be on a board at the teleport point for each shop.

Senzafine and Paper Moon will have store card sales.  Jalwa is participating in the Skin Addiction Black Friday Promotion and there will be special sales going on in Bilo as well!

The sale will begin on Friday and continue through the weekend until Monday.

Hop over to shop till you drop, Black Friday comes only once a year!

The Muses | Pale Empress | Volstead | Geometry | House of Rain | Beautiful Freak | GALLACTIC

Senzafine | Paper Moon | Bilo | Jalwa


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