Lotus Combs and Peacock Fans in Main Store

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Volstead lotus comb poster peacock mp poster

The lotus combs from Genre’s East Asia round and the peacock feather accessories from Collabor88’s Razzle round are now available both in the main store and the Marketplace!

The exquisitely detailed lacquer combs are decorated with strings of pearls, all supporting the delicate flowers of various colours. These combs are naturally perfect to wear with a kimono, but they also work beautifully for romantic evenings for more western styles as well.

The peacock feather fans and headbands are delightfully frivolous accessories that can be styled to vintage sophistication or flirtatious fun. Fanning yourself in a heat wave has never been this stylish!

For the peacock fans and headbands there’s six different versions available, each decorated with beads of a different colour. Each packet contains both the headband and the fan in silver and gold. Headband has feathers on left or right side options, the fan includes left and right hand versions. Both the headband and the fan are unrigged mesh and therefore resizeable.

Permissions are M,C,NT.
L100 per lotus comb, six colours available. L300 for the fatpack.
L150 per peacock feather fan and headband packet, L450 for the fatpack.

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Purchase on the Marketplace: lotus combs | peacock feathers

If you wish to share your sophistication in pictures, please feel free to contribute to Volstead’s Flickr group.

lotus mp all colorspeacock mp all colors


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