Savoy Table

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savoy table metals and woods poster

Savoy Table is a beautiful Art Deco furniture piece celebrating the symmetry of threes. The base is formed of three layers, the table itself is a delicate balance between the crescent curve, the ball and the tabletop. Despite its clean lines there’s that deco-spice of Ancient Egypt present within it, enticing with the feel of wealth and luxury.

The table is 3 LI at its current size. It’s modifiable so you can resize it, but remember that resizing always affects the land impact. It’s also copiable in case you want to open an Art Deco hotel. There’s plenty of colour options provided via the HUD: four metals and four woods. The tabletop, ball, crescent and base can all be colour-changed separately to create a mix of tones of your preference.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L395.

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