Vogue Lamps 001 & 006

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vogue lamp 001 poster

Vogue Lamps are a part of Volstead’s Art Deco design line, bringing delightfully vintage flair to your furniture. The first lamp features a feminine figure balancing three pearls on her arm, framed beautifully by the round lampshade. The second lamp showcases two women holding a circle in a perfect symmetry of three shapes against the curve of the lampshade. These are a must have for any historical or vintage styled home, but they look stunning in any residence.

Each lamp is 3 LI at the current size. They’re modifiable so you can resize them, but remember that resizing always affects the land impact. The lamps come with a colour-change HUD with which you can control the figure, base and lampshade colours separately. There’s four colours for both the figure and base and fifteen colours for the lampshade.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L395 per lamp.

Visit Volstead to Shop | Purchase on Marketplace: Lamp 001 | Lamp 006

vogue lamp 006 poster


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