Ritzy Mirror for The Challenge

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volstead ritzy mirror poster template 512x683

Ritzy Mirror is a delightful detail for any vintage home and stands out in any environment. The simplistic round frame is decorated with Art Deco styled spikes, turning the whole into a sun with stylistic rays. Add a touch of sunshine to your home in the form of class, sophistication and luxury!

Ritzy Mirror includes a colour-change HUD: five different metals for both the round frame and the spikes separately.

The mirror is 2 LI at the current size. It’s modifiable and therefore resizeable, but remember that resizing always affects the LI.

The mirror was created for The Challenge’s Fairytale round. You can see all the participants of this month’s The Challenge in here.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L295.

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Fan & Headband Gift for Subscribers!

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Volstead peacock freebie(1)

Do you want to stay in the know when there’s new fantastic releases in Volstead? Join our subscribo! It doesn’t take a group-slot, simply brings you the news when there’s something fascinating and shiny to catch your attention.

The peacock fan and headband combination is an essential must-have for any lady or coquette worth her flirt: now you can get one for free!

Peacock Fan & Headband are a gift to all the subscribers: you get it when you join the subscribo, and it will be sent to all the current members.

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Black Friday Marketplace Sale Started!

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Volstead is having a huge sale on Marketplace for the Black Friday: all the single colours have been unlisted and all the fatpacks have been set for sale for L295. This is your chance to grab all those extra colours you hesitated on or to purchase new looks in huge variety of colours, all for the price of one!

The sale is already going on and will last until midnight SLT on Sunday, November 30th.

In addition to Volstead, there’s also a similar sale in The Muses, Pale Empress, Geometry Clothing, Leto and GALLACTIC.

Shop the sale at the Marketplace:

Volstead | Pale Empress | Geometry Clothing | GALLACTIC | The Muses | Leto


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