Gloria Pumps

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Voilstead ~ Gloria Pumps Poster

Gloria pumps are elegant, luxurious and impeccably classy. The silk fabric speaks of vintage style and upper class privileges of custom order shopping. The Art Deco designed gemstone V resting delicately against the skin whispers of wealth. These are the shoes for cocktail parties, for impromptu occasions involving champagne, for the walks where the purpose is as much to be seen as it is to see.

The shoes include a colour change HUD that has 12 colours for the silk fabric of the shoes, 12 colours for the gemstone in the center V and 2 metal colours that frame the gemstone. This gives you a full pack of shoes at the price of one!

These shoes are unrigged mesh and intended for Slink’s medium feet only. The Slink feet are not included in the purchase. Please try the demo.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L195.

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